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The empress is indisposed at the moment. Perhaps she will be open to receiving visitors in the future. Until then, I'd encourage you to work hard and earn her pleasure.

weekend camp out hoooo

[photo of a little black sport bike loaded with a red pack on the tail and a tank bag, helmet balanced on top]

i s2g like half my pinned browser tabs are some sort of chat client at this point

(god but i just want to dress like i was an extra in hackers)

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that maddening feeling of opening a browser tab only to find that you have already forgotten why you opened a new tab

the battery kind of sucks, im going to take it to a full charge and see how long it takes to run it down

[photo of my hand holding a first generation ipod, it's a little bigger than a deck of cards, with physical clicky buttons and scroll wheel, charging off a firewire cable and playing "itoshisa wa fuhai ni tsuk" by dir en grey]

oh and all the music from college me, so it's like vocal trance and trip hop and indie angst

laughing because the only ipod i own that works is a first gen.

spinning platters. physical scroll wheel. firewire.

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that thing I don't know what a which is a components and the coffee one coffee instant type one thing it's a lot of these things are all the coffee instant

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my partner wants more excuses to ditch work and go joyriding so i'm sending him to deliver some film to get developed at the lab i use that's 2 hours away; i cannot wait to schedule a slot at the lab and say 'by the way i'm sending a courier so don't expect me in person this time'.

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