super blood wolf moon super blood wolf moon Super blood wolf moon Super blood wolf moon Super Blood Wolf Moon Super Blood Wolf Moon SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON SUPER BLOOD WOLF MOON

the moon looks super cool right now!!! lunar eclipse happening :3

also i credit katherine applegate for my complete immunity to and also delightful love of body horror thanks to the impression she made on me at age ten for what sort of bizarre things could happen to a body

I like big butts and my eyes have seen the glory of the coming of the Lord; He is trampling out the vintage where the grapes of wrath are stored

re: , i have read the entire series multiple times (including several back to back readings) and it is both a cornerstone of my childhood and something i have a lot of feelings about as an adult, please let me know if you are either reading it for the first time or the millionth time so we can experience emotions together thanks

selfsame is the only good surrealist shitposter

this semester i'm gonna do an ethnography of dogs

i'm not joking, i'm gonna interview some dogs

@m455b mindfuck while texting my mother about sounds i sometimes get wrong: 井里有个鲸鱼 and "there's a whale in the well" both have similar consonation in either language

at me and i'll give you a cute nickname for your handle

at me and i'll give you a cute nickname for your handle

just remembering that my 中文 nickname for this handle is 按豆, as in to press the bean

(also my english is fucking trash after spending two weeks with family, i just typed out "just reminding" at first and almost didn't catch it, i can't wait for the semester to start tomorrow and i'm just word fucking salad talking to all the new studence)

omg and hdmi out works, too?? i've had *several* presentations since i got this laptop that i've had to do on other people's machines because i couldn't get hdmi to work ;_____;

okay after updating the kernel, the following things work for the first time: a.) terminal beep and b.) screen brightness buttons

it sure is a satisfying feeling to help my father with linux/server admin when he was the one who handed me an account on his home machine when i was like six and taught me how to edit files and mail him.

(i think the first mail i ever sent was asking him if we were going to go to the movies later, and i was so excited that i also wrote a paper note that i delivered to him asking him to check his mail on the computer. we did not have an internet hookup at the house, this was like 1993.)

I finished writing that little guide on a reasonable WSL (Windows Subsystem for Linux) guide I was talking about earlier :)

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