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Is searching limited by what mastodon instance you are on? It seems like I get less results on here than on .social or whatever and I’d like to find more people to follow


Reaching the vibrating at a frequency that allows me to walk through solid matter levels of anxiety. It’s fine.

blah, cont’d 2 

Building some kind of conceptual framework to process memories and emotions and relationships is the fleece, is the pearl.

blah blah blah 

My goal in life right now is to come up with some kind of meaning-constructing daily creative practice, not because I think it’ll make me any money, but because life is slipping away at a frightening pace and that’s the only way I know to slow it down.

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*cue scene of raiders of the lost ark ghosts going from angelic to horrifying as my headache wakes me up*

Remember that each generation sews the seeds- with the best of intentions- for what the next generation must reap. Try your best to do no harm and tread gently. Happy new year.

On New Years Eve I got together with some same age peers, and the reoccurring theme was that the shit we did in the 90’s- blue sky internet Utopianism, free speech maximalism and 90’s edgelord nihilism- was as much or more a seed for our current doom as anything the baby boomers subjected us to...

In 2020 I resolve to become a serene, hermetically-sealed orb.

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$34 billion was made by banks by charging overdraft fees

$34,000 million

That's 68 commercial jets

$34 billion off the backs of broke people

It’s amazing that I have been allowed to exist this long.

Taking the job with my ex employer was a mistaaaaaaake

Is AI Dungeon learning from the people playing it? Because it’s gotten waaaaay horny the last couple of games i’ve played.

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