I might just do something really simple. I'm kind of spread thin right now but I can't miss a hypercard jam!

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It should be worth mentioning that namedfork has ported minivmac to iOS. I have hacked it to use the apple pencil, as well github.com/vaporstack/minivmac @neauoire @cancel

Just found out there's a hypercard jam going on.

I hope someone told vaporstack.

In case I don't get caught up in time, here's my last stack with Rae Weil from an alternate past where peer-to-peer hypercard stack servers were the first web: hypercards.itch.io/bhug

@selfsame if you haven’t played Noita yet you should check it out.

@selfsame oh wow, I was super into this game but kind of faded off when development kind of petered out and there was a weird bug that would just randomly pop yy our brain sometimes.

@selfsame like a ball of simple syrup soaked sawdust.

I guess whatever age I finally shut my big yap

At what age will I stop feeling guilty for talking too much

Goddamn how am I just now discovering petscop

No minor for me, I’d have to do a third year. Fuck that.

I just spliced metal gear conspiracy posts and neopets fan fiction together line by line for a class assignment. I love college.

God help me, I think I might add a minor in Digital Humanities...


Where do you go to steal ebooks nowadays? I can’t afford some of my textbooks.

Still toying with retro arch iOS but I got the 8BitDo controller working smoothly with Delta on the iPad for all NES/SNES/GBA

@rjt oh, interested in this. I usually use itch, not steam but I still like to see what people are playing

@zensaiyuki well the prob is you would need to be in a big tech company to get any buy-in, otherwise you just end up with another network-attached monitor that plays digital art thing that nobody wants to buy and those already exist. I want like, Apple TV’s etc to open up screensaver access.

I love all the cool cyberdeck designs people are making these days, I think it’s weird that they all have little monitors instead of goggles or AR glasses though. I’m guess your whole case would be taken up by a hot, noisy gpu?

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