And I’d like whatever I do to create reusable non commercial software assets that other people can use to make stuff too. That’s about all i’ve got and it looks wishy washy on paper.

@eft rebuild quartz composer because apple abandoned it

@eft but with some specific spin like AR applications, or mobile device VJ control. or the PHD i would do, which is high speed cameras and lights for large audience interactive experiences where traditional ip based networking and wifi fails.

@zensaiyuki I don’t know how much deeper I want to go into live visuals other than using the tech for my own installations. I got pretty burnt out on VJ’ing, and doing it at scale or making a platform at scale sounds like a nightmare (support etc)

@zensaiyuki I think of I was gonna fight to make some kind of new platform it would be standardized screensaver access for different devices for creative coders.

@eft there we go! i was only trying to push your mind along to something *you* wanna do.. i hope it helps. and for an MFA, i think it’s mainly the R&D part that’s important, not ongoing support so much. i think.

@zensaiyuki well the prob is you would need to be in a big tech company to get any buy-in, otherwise you just end up with another network-attached monitor that plays digital art thing that nobody wants to buy and those already exist. I want like, Apple TV’s etc to open up screensaver access.

@eft a froend of mine does R&D and he seens pretty confident webGL will be standard in most smart TV’s inside 5 years. if anything opens up screensaver access it will probably be as little webgl/javascript modules.

@eft well, the even radder possibilities are these GAN things being standard video filters

@eft like, a thing i noticed about “futurism” is it’s pretty easy to imagine what the world could be like in 5 years by just putting all the wow wizzbang cutting edge stuff we’re excited about now, in the pockets of everyone including the poorest and everyone is bored of it now.

@eft yeah i know, but it’s still missing the parts i usually use.

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