I’m excited about school right now but I am also so self conscious about being so old.

@eft I'm kind of jealous you're going back to school


@selfsame lots of people have told me that, ha.

@eft @selfsame I never finished school and I guess part of me feels guilty about it because I keep having dreams about breaking into school and pretending to be a student, and accidentally starting a dalek invasion

@zensaiyuki @selfsame I didn’t finish high school when I was a kid and was plagued by “police state forces me to go to a mental-hospital-detention-center-school-mall” dreams for years. This has been a journey.

@eft @selfsame well you never know, maybe they did, and maybe you took the blue pill and you only think it was a dream

@zensaiyuki @selfsame I’m probably the wrong person to tell he’s stuck in a dream 😅

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