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It should be worth mentioning that namedfork has ported minivmac to iOS. I have hacked it to use the apple pencil, as well github.com/vaporstack/minivmac @neauoire @cancel

Just found out there's a hypercard jam going on.

I hope someone told vaporstack.

In case I don't get caught up in time, here's my last stack with Rae Weil from an alternate past where peer-to-peer hypercard stack servers were the first web: hypercards.itch.io/bhug

I guess whatever age I finally shut my big yap

At what age will I stop feeling guilty for talking too much

Goddamn how am I just now discovering petscop

No minor for me, I’d have to do a third year. Fuck that.

I just spliced metal gear conspiracy posts and neopets fan fiction together line by line for a class assignment. I love college.

God help me, I think I might add a minor in Digital Humanities...


Where do you go to steal ebooks nowadays? I can’t afford some of my textbooks.

Still toying with retro arch iOS but I got the 8BitDo controller working smoothly with Delta on the iPad for all NES/SNES/GBA

I love all the cool cyberdeck designs people are making these days, I think it’s weird that they all have little monitors instead of goggles or AR glasses though. I’m guess your whole case would be taken up by a hot, noisy gpu?

And I’d like whatever I do to create reusable non commercial software assets that other people can use to make stuff too. That’s about all i’ve got and it looks wishy washy on paper.

I know what I want to do in individual projects, and I feel like I have clear reoccurring themes... I’m interested in making gamelike stuff because I feel compelled to hide things

So, I’m writing a scholarship application for folks intending on continuing into grad school- in my case an MFA, and I’m really squirming at being asked to declare some clear focus in my work and a project that would carry me into postgrad. I just got here...

I am townie of the day. This may be too much power for one person to wield!

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Reading Ulysses and using dangerous power tools this quarter (not at the same time)

I had to work pretty much every day during the break to try to make up the gap between my financial aid and tuition. I’m a little scared I’m not going to have enough by the deadline and all my classes will get dumped, but I’m not going to torture myself worrying about it.

Tomorrow is the first day of my Form studio. Should be interesting. I’ve only done one summer semester of 3D modeling before and i’ve never done any fabrication.

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