*spreads out hands* Hex-grids, Jerry!

I think I found a common design that would work for all three of these strategy games I want to make and now I’m going to end up getting sucked into a never-ending hole trying to prototype it.

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Sold a closet's worth of old game consoles and games I’ll never play again. Getting slightly giddy about getting rid of stuff.

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Thinking about intentionally digging into hell to destroy my fortress so I won’t be tempted to play when I start school, but I worked so on my frog aquarium and library...

The music and sound design on the HBO Chernobyl series is really good.

Ok, well it’s official. I’m moving to LA.

Hi, I’m at a hostel in Santa Monica now.

I have a flight at 5am and my toilet decided to explode. Cool, cool.

Do I know someone who knows Dan Tepfer?

One of my wabi-kusas that had kind of withered has sprung back after I restarted it. Looks like the moss is starting to come back.

Aaaaaaay, I got into NYU IMA too. (I think I’m pretty set on UCLA though, barring some kind of surprising financial aid).

My gay married master chef is a Duke now and has a pet bear.

I realized today that the queen who became a resident in my dwarf fortress who is married to a human is actually human too. Which, while not as wild as a human/dwarf marriage, is pretty surprising and doesn’t speak well of the human civilizations in this world.

Of course when I used tumblr I said I disliked it and missed the rss/blog ecosystem

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