Everybody who comes to my house this week is leaving with a bread machine, a laserdisc player and ten boxes of love letters from people I dated when I was 20.

I’m melting down a little trying to get rid of 20 years of accumulated crap for this move.

Writing this as I throw away mountains of old magazines I’m briefly mentioned in that i’ve lugged around for years for some reason. They’re about 4/5ths full-page advertisements.

I think up until now valuing something meant historicizing it to me. But now records all seem ephemeral and authority is up for grabs, so things have to have value even if no one is watching.

What’s life like when you value the life of something that lives three years? Something that lives a day? You’d have to have a very different relationship with death.

The mud dauber wasp that lives on my back porch deserves her own reality tv show.

Vaguely considering making my own mastodon instance to try to get all my non-nerdy friends on and away from commercial social media.

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Climate; Who's who 

I miss the time when I had chat threads going with people all day.

I think we’re going to lose this little cat soon and it’s gonna break my fuckin heart.

I went to a bar tonight and people were actually ordering “hard seltzer” and it sure felt like victory gin to me.

I wonder if I can bear to watch this debate or if I will just melt down into a pool of burnt garbage that someone has to mop up.

Who’s playing the new thecatamites? I can’t find a community who are into the same old person music I like but I can generally find people who have my taste in weird games.

Sometimes when I need to go back and work on old web dev stuff, I really feel like I have some kind of Jekyll-and-Hyde relationship with a depressed person who occasionally takes my place and makes a hideous mess of everything he touches. Jesus.

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