Finally got around to making a self-hosted jekyll version of my old tumblr, or at least part of it.

On the verge of making some extremely thirsty artwork

It’s possible that every single decision I have made in the last 20 years has been bad

Yeah I know there’s probably a hundred week long albums by now.

I remember when DVD’s came out I was like, Ohhh who will be the first person to make a week-long album? But then there was never an accepted DVD audio format. Maybe I will make a week long album.

My fucking psychobiology class is hard.

I’ve almost survived midterms. I am a little lonely and emotionally erratic, but mostly ok. Last night I went to a party with goats.

Just got a hundred shots I am now immune to everything

Checks bank account to find I have almost exactly the 15 bucks required to buy Goose game.

Almost presses buy anyway.

A lot of my sense of safety and well-being is tied to how dangerously broke I am, slumming as an adult student, so once I get some financial aid I expect this dark cloud to pass completely.

I had a week-long bout of pretty serious homesickness but I think I’m ok now.

Demand mental health care for all in this miserable fucking country.

I now have a California address and a bank account, now I just have to drive the hell out there

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