Demand mental health care for all in this miserable fucking country.

I now have a California address and a bank account, now I just have to drive the hell out there

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how do i hack all apple tv flyover screensavers & the like so that instead of showing happy beaches & clean cities it shows like, glacier breakup, the alberta tar sands, amazon deforestation, &c &c &c

Mercy, don’t make me decide on throwing away or packing another thing. I never want to own anything again.

I’m excited about school right now but I am also so self conscious about being so old.

someone squeeze a drop of dopamine into my calcified brain

Do other people get depressed in the middle of every summer? I feel like my dark+damp loving Eastern European genes demand I burrow into the earth and go comatose every August.

Za’atar is good as hell on popcorn.

Today was the last actual day of any classes for me at ACC and I am going to miss my cool grumpy English teacher who is too cool to be on any social media. ☹️

I dreamed I was invited to a celebrity orgy and spent the whole time reassuring Willem Dafoe something on his back wasn’t cancer.

Is there a federated tumblr replacement yet?

I’ve been minus a “real computer” (iPad only) and so far it’s only really separated me from stuff that makes me unhappy, like Xcode.



Everybody who comes to my house this week is leaving with a bread machine, a laserdisc player and ten boxes of love letters from people I dated when I was 20.

I’m melting down a little trying to get rid of 20 years of accumulated crap for this move.

Writing this as I throw away mountains of old magazines I’m briefly mentioned in that i’ve lugged around for years for some reason. They’re about 4/5ths full-page advertisements.

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