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Another really cool project, listen to radio stations online by clicking on them via a globe.


How did I not know this existed? An online radio site based on Jet Set Radio!


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on a long enough timeline all technologists become luddites

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I find the increasing complexity of the world to be a terrible drag

I started playing Shenmue again tonight. It's been, what, 15 years or so since I played it?

It's fantastic. I think it may be my favorite game of all time.

The atmosphere, the way you can interact with many things, buying little capsule toys. It's the best 💙

Once I learn it'd be fun to make a text adventure game written in it..

Anyone know of one that already exists?

English could be CW so visible toots are in Toki Pona.

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I believe I said this a while back, but it'd be cool to have a instance (kulupu.social is an available domain name), where people can learn from each other, and hopefully most of the posts can just be written in Toki Pona.

Unfortunately I don't have the time to set up something like that, but I think it's a good idea 🤷

I decided to put up my tool, ilo. It allows you to input Toki Pona, and it provides the definitions for each word, to help you translate the sentence.

Live version:

Project page:


I started a new plant on botany, and I'm very pleased that it is a cactus 🌵

Systems at work: Can everyone check their Public IP and if the owner of IP, x.x.x.x, is here please DM me.

Me having recently looked up Discordianism and viewed something on the anarchist library, plus probably other things: shit shit shit I didn't do it!

Turns out it wasn't my IP, but it looked a lot like it 😂

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I used to make things for fun. I feel like I've gotten too in my head about it, and thus made less.

I don't want to do things for the return, I want to do them just because the process is fun.

I started drinking tea again recently (I'm real into coffee, so that kind of took over). It's been nice.

I still have my coffee, but I find a morning or afternoon green tea to be relaxing. 🍵

Hey ~town!

I've been on this instance previously, and ended up moving over to Merveilles a while back. I've always felt more at home here, so I decided to jump back over.

I have no problem with Merveilles, and I think it's a great community. I love all the people over there nd all of the amazing things they create. I just feel like ~town has always been more my speed.

Glad to be back :)

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