~world v1.1.0 is active on tilde.town!

I completely changed inventory system so you can use item actions after grabbing them!

Unfortunately it is a breaking change in the sense that all users will lose their current inventory, but we have very few users on tilde.town at this point so I figured it'd be okay.

I'm going to revamp the inventory on ~world so you can use their actions while holding them. That should make everything a bit more robust.

I set up a page to output the map of ~world rooms that have been created:


Each # is a room, you can click on it to see the file that generates the room. Might do some work later to parse that data and display it in a different way, but for now it gives a view into how rooms are laid out.

Alright I think I'm ready to share ~world with others to try out:


Project page:

It's available on @tildetown by running this:

You could also symlink to that to make it easier.

I'm open to suggestions and PRs if anyone has any ideas for improvement.

I'm going to be setting up a beginner dungeon sometime soon. For now there are a few rooms around landing, it's fairly simple.

Added functionality to have locked doors and chests with items in them:

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Making a lot of progress on ~world. I got an inventory system set up, as well as item actions based on things being in the inventory:

> look couch
A moth eaten couch. You'd prefer not to sit on it.

You can:
- touch
- lick


This is the first time I've stuck with a Bullet Journal long enough to hit page 100!

Also page 100 was the second page of March, and I started in March 2020. I think this is the first time I made it a whole year as well.

I'm pretty happy about all of this :)

I finally picked up a project I started a long time ago. It's coming along nicely now. It's a text based adventure system for use on a tilde server.

Users can create their own rooms (seen on the right of the screenshot) and walk around, interact with things etc using the program (left).

I have it working so you can have properties on objects, and also interact with them.

The code is probably a mess, but it works!

I'll write it up on my website when I'm done and others can start using it!

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Print and digital copies of A Wood Heart are now available for sale on my itch page or my big cartel shop. All details at my website:


A Wood Heart is a map drawing and story telling game about humans, forest spirits and the intersection of their existence.

@exquisitecorp I just listened to the first episode of Artists and Hackers, and I love it. I feel it was put together well and had a lot of interesting information. I'm looking forward to the next two episodes, thanks for putting this out there! :)

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I put out a podcast called Artists and Hackers. Episode 3 is out now: Can a Programming Language be a Radical Community? It's on the javascript library p5.js and how they support and nurture their community of contributors


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Another really cool project, listen to radio stations online by clicking on them via a globe.


How did I not know this existed? An online radio site based on Jet Set Radio!


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on a long enough timeline all technologists become luddites

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I find the increasing complexity of the world to be a terrible drag

I started playing Shenmue again tonight. It's been, what, 15 years or so since I played it?

It's fantastic. I think it may be my favorite game of all time.

The atmosphere, the way you can interact with many things, buying little capsule toys. It's the best 💙

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