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New episode out now. @piusbird and I talk about art and creativity, and ableism, disability, and mental health.

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Cleric + Thief

I started writing a kind of serialized novelization of a solo RPG game I'm playing?

Check it out if you like gritty urban magical fantasy, political intrigue, and questionable morals.

Beautiful, minimal site. Focus on HTML dungeons. Too many goat.

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It's sit-ember! To participate in the challenge, all you have to do is sit down in silent reflection every day! That's it!

Join the community on for support and friendship! And sitting!

When almost half of Alaska, an area larger than any other US state, chooses to not have a local government.

"The U.S. state of Alaska is divided into 19 organized boroughs and one Unorganized Borough"

I'm making a wacky one-shot for my D&D crew, and made up some quick non-D&D rules for it.

goofing around, made an isomorphic tileset in aseprite, and a map in Tiled.

this might be the way i draw maps in the dungeon i'm working on..

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I'm writing a novel about a gunslinger named Lawrence who writes letters taunting the lawman who is chasing him.

it's called The Epistolary Pistol Larry

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Beetle ranchers, who are also crabs, constantly self-immolate and rise like a phoenix from their own ashes. (Just some of the weird stuff you encounter in the Fey Realm.)

i made the smollest game so that my friends and i can play online together

it fits on a postcard!

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Fun fedi happenings of the last few days:

- my groovy friend @hisaac joined
- @Sandra’s cool zshbrev just made an appearance,
- I was interviewed by @dozens on their wicked Tilde Whirl podcast,
- after I schemed on making a visual novel @neauoire extended a uxn tool for just that!

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