i like batman and all but i always wonder like what his deal his, what's his origin story.

they should make a movie about that

Wordle 209 5/6


Oh and I should remind that, as with everything else on tilde.team/~dozens, there is no actual content.


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all you need to know about me is that every night I watch one episode of Walking Dead and one episode of She-Ra, and somehow that is the perfect mix of horror and dread + princesses and cute friendship to make me feel okay

just got the chance to read through david schirduan's Bones Deep.

This is precisely the kind of endearing necromantic shit that I absolutely live for.


> Will this deck be shared?

> No this content is ephemeral. We are presenting directly into the void, which will swallow all this content and information, and none of it will ever see the light of day or fall upon human ears ever again.

> ....

> Yes Janet of course the deck will be shared 🤦‍♀️

music is okay i guess i mean it's just singing and instruments and stuff

you know what you get when you put john darnielle in covid lockdown for 2 years, you apparently get 5 new mountain goats albums is what you get <3

pretty fucking rich if you ask me that amazon just relayed a "high wind" weather alert to me through alexa

Hansel & Gretel originally collect white stones bc they know they will be abandoned in the woods by their parents. In the bright moonlight, they are able to follow the trail home.

Later, the parents lock them in their room so they cannot collect more rocks and then abandon them again

So they are forced to resort to using breadcrumbs, which immediately disappear because the birds eat them

And yet we use "breadcrumbs" today as though they didn't get the kids lost and almost ate up by a witch 🤷‍♀️

I just heard a little honk and was like, What notification was THAT, I do not recognize it, and turns out there was a literal goose outside

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