I still struggle to believe that one little man's fragile ego utterly annihilated a historic flagship IRC server.

RIP freenode


Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots would be a fantastic album if it weren't for Yoshimi, and all the pink robots

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spend today messing around, and have to say that next.js is not a good static site generator

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started playing a game of Lisergia tonight. Delighted at how well the "roll dice to draw a map" part of the instructions worked.


BBJ Quest: Social Anxiety Barbarian, Book 1 Part 2


Thanks to all the players and readers. Book 2 will commence immediately!

Watched a show on netflix where the characters had an extended conversation about a show on netlfix, and wondered if netlflix paid netflix for the advertising.

A convergence! One of my D&D forums just started talking about how good the writing is on The West Wing. can't wait to see where this goes. these are two of my favorite things.

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Beril scouts around town for an establishment for lease where the gang can open up their new public house. She insists at first on naming the pub The Shovel and Badger, but will ultimately acquiesce to a more sensible name as long as she still gets to hang up the sign she already made outside.
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rode my skates to PIECES

good thing my new wheels come day after tomorrow

character/art for a game of risus i'm playing 

Say hello to Sender Fela!

-- Battle-weary mercenary with a sword who just wants to make enough coin to retire and be a mushroom farmer (4)
-- Woodland creatures and other critters seem to want to follow him around and do stuff for him (3)
-- Former beloved child actor known by the stage name "Little Fatso" in the traveling troupes (2)
-- Haunted by the ghost of his twin brother whom he devoured in the womb (1)

> Beril bursts into the room after Yadroom and lands in a ready position, a low stance. A shell on her head, and her shield held high. "Hah!"

one more rpg story for today, and now off to bed! Hope I can fall asleep. Still kind of wired from this one. It was exciting!


showerthought: "Windows Subsystem for Linux" is ass backwards

Walter suffers a terrible curse that turns him into a small cottage every time there is a full moon

Walter is a werehouse

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Something is done when you say it is
Nothing is fixed, nothing is permanent, and nothing lasts
If you find out your new self doesn't suit you, just stop being that person and be someone else.



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