brb establishing a standards body for the betterment of the internet as a whole

where good protocols that take years of unpaid labor to develop, which will benefit individual people and provide them a sorely needed alternative to a small number of mutually incompatible surveillance corporations' products

will be shitcanned if the volunteers exceed a deadline

@datagrok I can't help but wonder if this is a pseudo-subtoot re: my recent posts...

@cwebber it's a nuclear fricken sub toot re: your recent posts

I already have plenty of side eye for the W3C over the EME debacle

and seeing you experience the same sort of burnout feelings doing good work for an org that ostensibly works for us, that I have experienced doing shit-shoveling for giant stupid corporations makes me even grumpier

but i know my perspective is super limited and I'm not even following it as close as I could be and don't know the whole story so


@datagrok tbh I don't blame the w3c for my burnout here. They've been gracious in giving us two extensions. ActivityPub is a spec in a particularly complicated problem domain and that's added to the stress.

Definitely share frustration on EME, but on this... well, there have to be processes, and in general I understand the reasons for them.

I picked a heck of a first spec to get through the process though...!

@datagrok I appreciate the relayed concern through your post though :)

@cwebber well I also didn't want to distract you with a discussion when you're busy

(but the idea that good difficult unpaid public-interest work would be thrown away, even if it were 50 "extensions," still irks me)

I guess the better thing to toot would be that you should know that I (and so probably many other people) think you are doing great and valuable work and you are good at it too, no matter the outcome of this task. 👍

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