Doubts about #tech ?? @ctrlyrown have compiled some answers to questions about tech's role in fixing social issues ..


Successfully using entirely self-hosted+federated Riot/Matrix/Jitsi/Etherpad/PeerTube to host lectures, teleconference with students, answer questions in chat, and collaboratively edit their code. Write-up is incoming. Once I take a nap.

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taking a break from the birdsite 'cause tbh it's all too much right now. hoping to spend more time on here and for a while

I was interviewed about my @365-rfcs project for an internet numbers registry blog, which means this project was successful beyond my wildest expectations.

"My impression is that an IETF mailing list will likely bore you to death before it makes you feel unwelcome."

- Adam McFillin

Micro-serveur #Minitel COMPUTEL à nouveau joignable au 01 8421 8116

Apple //e + AppleTel + Cristel + CFFA3000 :)

Et le serveur JCA (à gauche) toujours dispo au 01 8421 8115

🍕 Pizza forecast: a pretty Neapolitan with lots of portobello mushrooms, basil and brown sauce

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