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🌲 Die Harbkesche wilde Baumzucht theils Nordamerikanischer und anderer fremder:
Braunschweig: im Verlage de Fürstl. Waisenhaus-Buchhandlung, 1771-1772.

Skull and some knees, re working an old drawing and thinking of trying to get a Faust kinda metaphor going with grains/seeds for civilisation and the disconnect from Hunter gatherer life and ‘nature’

all i can think of seems to be climate change, was bad pre IPCC report, now its just full on.
gunna huff some of this sublimation

🦉 The birds of North America
New York: Published under the auspices of the Natural Science Association of America, 1903.

🌳 Birds of La Plata,.
London [etc.]: E.P. Dutton Co., 1920.

Jaçanas can walk on floating lake vegetation b/c of huge feet & claws. See them in #bhlib & @eol

🍃 The natural history of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahama Islands:
London: Printed for B. White, 1771.

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