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We demand that @MunichRe@twitter.com immediately abandon primary insurance and reinsurance for oil and gas projects and an immediate exit from all investments in fossil fuels power generation! ✊
#InsureOurFuture #exitfossilfuelsnow #Muenchen #MunichReInsuresDestruction

🐦🔗: twitter.com/MucRebellion/statu

feels like i neglected this site a bit, which is a shame, cause i prefer it over yknow where, but the bird site just had me hooked
during this passage of time, i did finish something for once tho


Sick of the latest corporate right-libertarian Silicon Valley blockchain/NFT/metaverse bullshit?

You’re not alone.

362 people, projects, and organisations have signed the web0 manifesto since the New Year :)



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