old drawing came across while looking for some reference picture from way back. terrible anatomy, but nice ink.

Skull and some knees, re working an old drawing and thinking of trying to get a Faust kinda metaphor going with grains/seeds for civilisation and the disconnect from Hunter gatherer life and ‘nature’

all i can think of seems to be climate change, was bad pre IPCC report, now its just full on.
gunna huff some of this sublimation

work in progress, kinda collapsing, gotta learn to just let it go, and draw on it anyways, like take its mistakes as fodder and keep it moving quickly and not wish to get back to blank paper and starting again with that vague hope of perfect execution.

not a great jpeg, need to scan this i guess. was made back in my tests with a projector, like 2016-18. looks better to me now, kinda. could be a fun series to get back to.

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