🌱 Washburn & Co.'s amateur cultivator's guide to the flower & kitchen garden
Boston, Mass.: The Company, 1876.

not a great jpeg, need to scan this i guess. was made back in my tests with a projector, like 2016-18. looks better to me now, kinda. could be a fun series to get back to.

study study study. (dropped out of high school when i was 17 and set a schedule of 4 hours of drawing a day, with 1 hour of anatomy study at least... i have been slacking on that portion for years)

i wonder like how much time would i save if i spent a bunch more just studying. only make 'pieces' for waaaaay less time.

site got an update, i naval gazed at issues in my drawings again that i seem to always forget, and i cant even fathom the issues i am blissfully unaware of still amillionyearsofsleep.com/?p=32

work in progress. messed it up, but still trying to harness that "it's just the process" spirit.

bit of morning work again on my game, made in on , a floridavania or something trashy like that. charge attack now works, costs one beer.

🦎 Nouveaux mémoires de la Société impériale des naturalistes de Moscou.
Moscou: La Société, 1829-1915.

a bit of detail from the current big work in progress. still liking this bit cause i am totally just letting the reality get stranger as i go and indulging in the thin ink lines tracing forms.

a detail from "untitled 2019", looks better as time goes on and it suffers from the mistake i was making yesterday on a new piece, so there's hope seeing that this bit survived heavy erasing / reworking.

some devil heads. reminder t hat this drawing exists and remains unfinished... think it was from 2018

🕷 American spiders and their spinningwork. V.3
Academy of natural sciences of Philadelphia, 1889-93.

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