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Potion seller. I'm going into battle. I need only your strongest ______

aw fuck, david berman (silver jews) died in 2019? tanglewood numbers is one of my most favorite albums.

wow spotify actually suggested an artist i've never heard of before 😵😵

canadian super groups! canadian super groups!

why does it suddenly feel like 80% of the web is hosted on medium 🤮

motherfucker, READING NOVELS is a gendered activity? is a threat to masculinity?

wait why is tmux now not loading my oh-my-zsh themes? 😡

went for a good run this morning 🏃‍♀️

i started taking notes on this book somewhere, but now I don't know where...

where does tmux get off breaking my config with every minor update. how does tmux keep updating itself?? i swear it's enough to make me go back to gnu screen.

d4: platonic solid
d6: platonic solid
d8: platonic solid
d10: pentagonal trapezohedron
d12: platonic solid
d20: platonic solid

🎵 one of these things is not like the other 🎵

google: organizing the world's information. even information that is not information.

i really think gmail should be smart enough to stop saving 100% blank, empty drafts in my drafts folder

what made you think this was an important document, gmail?

I still miss

my kingdom for decent bookmarking!

there's a Sports Fan on my floor who screams. Happy, Sad, Angry. Sometimes words, sometimes not. Sometimes just the sounds of him throwing things.

I hate not him, but that thing to which he is a slave.

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Strip personhood status from corporations and give it to our rivers, lakes, mountains and forests

why isn't there a dark theme for yet 😭

can't find my kindle.. losing literacy 😭📚

We Suck Young Blood sounds like Radiohead is auditioning to do the soundtrack of a Tim Burton movie.

house pet: that which is constantly directly beneath, in front of, and behind your feet.

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