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Potion seller. I'm going into battle. I need only your strongest ______

I am taller than social distancing is wide, but not by much

me (6 years old): I hope when I grow up I get to style web form buttons every day until I die

I wonder if this is the TP shortage that leads to the invention of the three seashells 🤔

week 3: I still don't know where to put my backpack..


the thing about the relentlessly medieval setting of D&D is that when I read source material I constantly have to take breaks to read up on wikipedia about architectural features and other common elements of town life

it's a good thing! I like it!

Lost two hardcore minecraft SSP games this week. Luckily didn't get very far in either.

I might be getting to start a new online D&D campaign with coworkers thanks to the virus 🤞

people, stop paying for Audible. It is a terrible deal!

there are literally no lyrics to yellow ledbetter. it's just all vowels, and some consonants.

a family of roguelikes based on all the other D&D classes: barbarianlike. bardlike.

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