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Potion seller. I'm going into battle. I need only your strongest ______

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anybody playing D&D should watch The Magicians to see what somatic spell components look like.

man there is a lot of new weird gary wilson content 🤯

I’ve been running more lately and l can tell because my butt is really sore

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it's finally long enough to put up in a top knot high pony again and I swear I will ATTACK AND DETHRONE GOD before I cut my hair short again

somebody starred my personal knowledge wiki and I feel weird about it

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Hey, listen!

I'm hosting a game jam based on the inspirational words given to us by Fox News & Terry Turchie: ATTACK & DETHRONE GOD.

Remember all those supposed manifestos that right-wingers put out that just make us sound cooler? Yeah, it's about that.

blink has always been a silly band but enema was a great album and travis as always been too good them

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