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eyyy, i setup a masto successfully :D ANd i've quickly learned that the relay doesn't do what I was expecting it to do! bah.

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Link: Unusual Lightcurve of a ‘What Is This’ Star 

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Link: APOD: 2019 March 28 - The Gaia Stars of M15 

Animated GIF showing RR Lyrae variables in a globular cluster, generated from data from the Gaia stellar survey satellite

Thinking of setting up a fediverse instance! Just need to repurpose an old vm I think. I have a domain, that I got for a joke ( ) but I think it'd do well as something like

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shenanigans levels are holding at 95%

(95%) ■■■■■■■■■□

Hooray! The phone system didn't crash overnight! I think my fixes worked this time. I really hope so...

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Wow, just discovered you can listen to youtube videos with mpv :amaze:

mpv --no-vid

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I wish there was a way to archive Masto instances instead of seeing them simply disappear

then again

maybe that's practical reality's commentary on the ephemeral nature of our socialization and our media: everything dies eventually

there's a million games that required server connections and there's no server so nobody can play them without at least one person hacking together a way to do so

maybe corps will at least start releasing local server software for games at end of life? would be ❤️

I'm off to bed. Stay safe, all you lovely people.

Do something nice for yourself if you haven't already. It doesn't need to be big -- have a nice shower, take time to appreciate nature near you, listen to your favorite song, or watch a youtube video that makes you giggle.

Trust me, you're worth it. :)

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saltiness levels are 38% and steady

(38%) ■■■□□□□□□□

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@clarjon1 @phessler I'll answer from my side ...

systemd is *not* an init system. It does the job of being an init system, reasonably well. But it also does other things ...

systemd is the (re)invention of "middleware"; it is a class of software that sits between the userspace and the kernel, that wasn't previously a part of anyone's model of unix, nor did anyone actually ask for it.

It is the extension of the sort of idea that lead "window managers" to become "desktop environments"; to GNOME having to invent a message bus just so copy/paste can work, and so on.

It's an overcomplication of a system that wasn't actually broken, while fixing a single bit that was.

SYSV init was 'broken' in the sense of being increasingly inadequate for the environment; instead of simply starting services, it's actually a good idea to watch them in case restarts are necessary, and to understand dependencies between them. If I insert a USB network adaptor, I might want my HTTP daemon to start listening on it; if I remove the adaptor I'd like to gracefully stop that part of the server without breaking the rest of it, for example. systemd will do that. Do you actually need that sort of personal desktop reactivity on a server though?

Other init systems tackled this problem in many ways, and systemd's implementation turned out to be just fine.

But then it started with feeping creaturitis, and hasn't stopped ... It is a monolith infrastructure - even though many of the pieces are disjoint, they aren't general-purpose.

It's entirely that instead of referring to GNU/Linux, which is the GNU userspace software with the Linux kernel, we should instead be referring to GNU/systemd/Linux, which is the above, plus the mandatory middleware layer that changes completely the way the userspace is expected to interact with the kernel.

If you're only *using* the computer, or doing userspace->userspace work, you probably don't need to have an opinion about the presence of systemd on your OS.

Anyone know of any hackerspaces in Mississauga or Toronto? Preferably the former, but I can manage the latter if need be.

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