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i feel like i'm in kokiri village because of all the pollen blowing around in the air,

but kokiriki village never made me this sneezy

generated middle english article titles 

Al Was Understood

Asyde As Who Sayth Nay That Fond

Love Is Debonairly That

Hit Is The Someres Sonne

I Began Hir Orpheus God

"They were special, but they also excelled at school.

I was only the former, and only in a bad way."

listening to chemical angel on repeat until i'm cured

so far i've got —

i. the myriad - with arrows, with poise

ii. aloha - little windows cut right through

iii. myst soundtrack

iv. watsky - x infinity

this month i started a new playlist where i'm only allowing myself to add entire albums to the playlist, and shuffling's now allowed.

"I get worse Hangovers from Melancholy than Depression."

- me

society changes people quickly

people change society slowly

i'm pretty weird and don't really fit in anywhere so i must be creative or good at something...

that's how that works, right? :blobpats:

was looking for and applying for jobs but then it was making me too depressed so now i'm just doing nothing at all and lying on the floor and trying to think of a single thing i could do for a living that i wouldn't hate after a single day :battery_low: "Things The World Wouldn't Miss If Mastodon Went Extinct"

mh - 

am i stressed or just depressed? i can't even tell anymore!

gender has never existed but as a society that is so fond of labels we feel the need to arbitrarily fight something that was arbitrarily defined

there are already enough artists/musicians/etc making art for society, so i'm just gonna go ahead and never do anything creative again

"there's a time and place for (insert comfort food)" ~ prof oak

we'll know feminism has finally accomplished something when hair products, deoderants, etc are no longer separated into "male" and "female."

i don't think i'm good enough at ____, so i'll get a bit better then look for work --> i'm a bit better now, but i don't think i'm good enough at _____, so i'll get a bit better then look for work --> i'm a bit better now, but i don't think …

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