the goal of art is to impress the greatest quantity of the people with the deepest pockets

the current pronoun climate is trash so i just never talk to or about anyone or anything

"time to pretend" kids > "oracular spectacular" kids

I trained a char-rnn on podcast titles, and here are the (raw) results:I trained

some of my favs:

15 Bills 1 Money
36 Minutes In World with Dr. Showing
46 Monets Podcast
A Hom Thing Managagy
A Phecist Well-Podcast
Beyond Show - the Podcast

cc: @janellecshane

it would be such a hoot to "make" personalized lootcrate-esque boxes for friends and family, or maybe for other people — if i can learn enough about them to make relevant boxes.

i wish i could get paid somehow to make art for friends, but i wouldn't want them to pay me.

was supposed to be making stuff for LA Zine Fest these past few days. but i've barely made anything i can sell. because i keep making gifts for people.

does anyone know of any good, more-on-the-theoretical-end web development and/or machine learning pdfs that would be readable on a kindle?

I have a long road trip coming up and want to get some reading in 😬

@cardboard and i have to be here for 2 more hours somebody kill me

i feel like i'm in kokiri village because of all the pollen blowing around in the air,

but kokiriki village never made me this sneezy

generated middle english article titles 

"They were special, but they also excelled at school.

I was only the former, and only in a bad way."

listening to chemical angel on repeat until i'm cured

so far i've got —

i. the myriad - with arrows, with poise

ii. aloha - little windows cut right through

iii. myst soundtrack

iv. watsky - x infinity

this month i started a new playlist where i'm only allowing myself to add entire albums to the playlist, and shuffling's now allowed.

"I get worse Hangovers from Melancholy than Depression."

- me

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