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Tired, tired, all day long, but there's problems to solve, and things to do.

Shortlinks on @sotd have been rolled back! Thanks to @rjt for making me realize I solved the wrong problem!

@rjt I just realized I solved the wrong problem. The problem is the Mastodon link parsing includes the closing > that I wrap the links in 🤦‍♂️ I was very tired, and saw a linking issue and immediately assumed it was breaking the character limit. I'll roll it back when I'm more awake.

@sotd has been updated to use shortlinks! Unfortunately some URLs exceeded the character count, which meant some song links were getting cut off.

Also, sorry for the downtime with SOTDbot this weekend! My bots don't handle graceful reconnects at present. @sotd should resume tooting posthaste.

I went to see Deadpool 2 yesterday :) Was good. Also, got to use my Moviepass :)

Just a friendly reminder, if you make a bot that interacts with users, remember to respect directives in profiles :)

Just hooked up SOTDbot from the IRC to Masto :D @sotd will toot SOTD updates from townies, so you can listen along. :)

"But cargo might be fast enough if you need to unmarshal it into a parking space and realize it's not going up." @eq and I fused together by a bot.

Oh no. Ready Player One, you had so much promise. Please don't do this.

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Loving Discord's Spotify integration 👀It actually got me to subscribe to Spotify premium.

My sleep schedule will never be decent, and I'm slowly coming to terms with that.

Sometimes I see things that just make me want to facedesk on Birdsite.

\\ \\
// //
\\ \\
|| || |
|| || |
|| ||===/


Like Masto didn't even have a feed for me I'd been gone so long. D:

I've been off of Mastodon for so long 😱

It's weird, the first cordova build after I boot up my computer always seems to fail. It just exits without an error message.

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