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yo im on mastodon now, please send me lots of cool shit. and i appologise in advance if i dont understand how things work around here :D.

window's disk manager just infinatly showing me gur blue spinny thing after saying yes to shrink partition does not give me confidence.
gonna reboot and see how that goes

for external NTFS drives i usually try and leave space for a small fat32 partition, so i can use it across mac/win/nix, but apparently linux supports exfat now ? so im gonna make an exfat partition for gur first time

january's life lesson: always make sure you have an adequet suply of your favorite bagels

i very often search for an idea when i get a new project idea, to see if its been done and if that thing is still maintained / worth using or contributing to
Searched "wasm to c recompiler" and got results for decompilers or wasm -> c compilers
Im going to go ahead and assume this means it doesn't already exist

i always forget how nice and poofy my hair is after i comb it and it's not all tangled anymore

after seeing @nihilazo and @dzwdz talk about it i started a paper habit tracker about a week ago and im really pleased with how its going, might migrate it from a post it note to an actual book and include other bits of daily info ive been wanting to collect like gur weather that day

all right i think im done with my shitfuck assginement, hope my teacher doesnt ask me to make changes cause ill probs just cry or something... guess it's time to sleeep!

(also a poorly mouse drawn timefox)

i fucking hate ms word doing stupid bull shit all gur time making things harder when im already feeling bad, next time im i swear ill just submit a plain text file and see if anyone even noticies

going back to watch some lets plays that'd i'd consider gur comfort videos, it feels like its worn off / out and now they're just normal lets play videos that used to make feel a lil bit better :(

i want more crossover between diff bits of gur computing world :D
crossover is fun

every time i stretch up wards to stand in a non slouched posture i can feel tons of clicks as everything goes back where its meant to be, oddly pleasant

i think i might go put gur drone back in gur tree and just let any spiders that came out find a chill spot in my room

theres at least 5 cute lil spiders in this, now i feel bad for disrupting their winter spot, i havent even opened gur case yet

almost everything that can be rusted is rusted but i got it

i've got one eyebrow hair that's 5 times as long as gur others and is also silver, it's like my inner old dude is trying to break out one hair at a time

fun drawing game draw a random shape, make it a face, draw a figure around it (bit of face thats highlighted blue was gur original shape)

there's a broken drone stuck in a tree in my local park, been there for two months now. tommorow or saturday im gonna go grab it and see what parts I can re-use, best case scenario free microcontroller / control board, mid case some working motors, worst case fancy paper weight

~ haiku ~

functions transform states
combining with one another
to create programs

hay look at i finished my work and its only 01:30am !

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