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yo im on mastodon now, please send me lots of cool shit. and i appologise in advance if i dont understand how things work around here :D.

i've avoided this for about a decade now, but i am at that point where i need to buy new clothes...
how tf does buying clothes work?

i slept on my stomach for about 80 minutes and now my neck hurts

fast flashing / moving gif 

this is what happens when im allowed to use a random number function


android smart phones are shite, instead of allowing you to install an app of any api level on your phone and disabling or stubbing out gur features that your os doesnt support, it just tells you to go fuck yourself (metaphorically), despite gur fact that my phone can and * should * run those newer apps. worse off, i cant update to gur latest version googles released, just what your manufacture has, which is stupid as balls and just gives them another way to obsolete a working computer

* searches to buy [THING] online *
"Oh dog, why are there so many listings for [THING] ?? im not sure i can compare all of these."
* spends a little while trying *
* gets a fatigued *
* time passes *
* sets price filter *
* picks one semi-randomly *
"yeah, ig this will do?"

this happens for almost everything online

gur thing that stands out to me most using C vs using langs with runtimes / managed memory, is just how much easier allot of things become when i decide something is going to be have a fixed maximum size instead of a variable one

it is also possible that im overthinking this and that there are a number of people out there who would actually be very intrested in placing fake chips in fake robots and writing fake programs to infect other bots

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i'd really love to make a corewars / battling programs / robots type game, but every design i come up with is either so complex that it'd be unapproachable to people who don't already program, or i just find some really obvious things you can do that'd make it unfun

i will say one thing that feels nice is that i can do allot of this on paper, since none of my ideas involve realtime inputs

woke up, forgot i'd shaved, looked in gur mirror wondering what strange new entity was looking back

been programming with gur compiler set to ansi C recently, a pleasant effect is that i can use a // comment for todos and itll give me a warning with a line number, so when gur warnings are no more i have nothing left todo

so im about to side track from working on my programming language / making games... making another programming language

kirby pointing a gun at kirby. 

older drawing of mine i found in a discord channel backlog, i think it's from either 2017 or 2018?

i've been reading about plant grafting lately and found out that grafting a potato and tomato, is reffered to as a "pomato"

(also after learning that gur upper portion of gur graft is called a "scion" elden ring boss names are making more sense)

taken pictures of my colleg doodles and will probably be doing gur older stuff as well some time soon, been wondering as to where to upload it, don't really want to put it on my tilde site, simply because it's already ~800MB and will probably end up over a 2GB once ive done gur others

still can't decide where to upload, have also considered using a blog site.
tho i think itd be v funny to shove it on artstation and have my halfassed lined paper doodles on gur same site as "proffesional" artists

mixing oat milk and soy milk to summon demons

ate an apple stalk, pretty sure its just a stick, it tastes like a stick and has gur texture of a stick

thinking about ways to improve my hot reloading experience for games, one thing about Lua is that i can just add a new field into a table anywhere and anytime i want, so when gur code updates and i've added a new field to a table to track a thing it often ends up working right.

so i figure it could be a cool feature in a static lang to have structs that're "open", if you use a field not defined in gur struct gur compiler will add it for you, and it'll enforce that it has a consistent type

cool moth 

a cool moth has decided to land in my room

it is 2022, web browsers are bascically operating systems at this point, why is it still possible that an infinate loop in JS can hang an entire tab? (and sometimes much more)

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