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list of potential band names:

soft ambient pulse
bathroom agoraphobia
piss kiss

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Interview with Daniel Heath Justice from Uni of British Columbia Vancouver on decolonizing open education, Indigenous voices and perspectives in open archives such as Wikipedia, and more: #OpenEducation #OER

my review of a little film in which the filmmaker (jennifer west), presents film titles from her personal bootleg movie collection – but i didn’t actually read her introduction first so i didn’t totally understand that that’s what was happening:

oh, or these are bars that i intended to visit some place that i visited.

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random old list i found:

nextareen dream
heart and science
lllpcorps reviver
old crustacean

pretty sure these are misspelled cocktails

“What we must do is be ruthlessly skeptical. It is important not to let overconfident jabberers get away with presenting themselves as sages, saviors, and scholars.“

alcohol; cocktail recipe + review 

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