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TIL: you can configure a #git remote with multiple push URLs.

It basically allows you to push to multiple remotes at once.

getting some ascii things printed to label the doors on the rooms in my house so i don’t walk into the wrong ones ever again


new scheme to help me be lazy in public 

new scheme to help me be lazy in public 

Someone I work with wrote this guide to ANSI escape codes and it is good and on-brand for making little terminal things which are nice:

made my first [code] pull request to an open-source project where i don’t know any of the authors/maintainers: i hooope it gets merrrged.

in san francisco for a bit. recommendations welcome.

angry handmaid’s tale s2 rant 

firefox, feeds 

imagine if instead of streaming video, YouTube hollowed out humans into actual tubes?

i made a list of the best thirty movies i watched (for the first time) in 2018!

i am attempting to find a new place to live but the whole process is pretty shitty and it’s amazing to me that anyone has a place to live, really

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