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birdsite parody 

this is me realizing i should share the cool links that i find every day because sharing is caring

TIL about Diversity Reading List, for helping those teaching #philosophy to realize how many other voices there are in our field beyond the “canon.” Hope to see these lists grow!

@audiodude and one more with a youtube link:

6. holy sons: decline of the west (*

* original holy sons album not available on spotify 😪

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can i easily back up my home server on magnetic tape?

There is widespread consternation and outrage that the Museu Nacional was subject to extreme budget cuts and "reforms" during President Michel Temer's tenure in the week of the impeachment of his political rival, Dilma Rousseff.

The fire could have been prevented had fire hydrants been working on the grounds of the Museu. Unfortunately, the funding for that was cut by the Temer government.

Capitalism at work 😘

@audiodude now that i am semi-familiar with your style, wanna give you a little list of albums i think you’d like, maybe with a link to one song from each album for your previewing pleasure. but i’m gonna think about the list a little more.

no hard feelings if you tell me you’d rather i don’t do this.

toilets, humanity sucking 


if you're at all interested in video game mods and bootleg culture, i would super-recommend reading this essay by henrique antero: "impaling mario, reversing sonic: inside pedro paiva's bootleg games". no previous subject matter understanding required.

there's no indication (without hovering over an image) that you even can, or should, add a description here. it's easy to forget because out of sight, out of mind.

if you want people to do things, make it obvious they should do them! make it *easy*.

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it has been 346 days since the last episode of TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN aired, and it has been 0 days since i rewatched it. it is a deeply upsetting experience, and i treasure it very much.

Hey #Fediverse. When you post pictures, please please please with puppies on top fill in that description box for the visually impaired. You will be helping us out tremendously. We want to enjoy your pictures as much as others do. You don't have to write a novel, but just fill in some details.

Thanks with much love:
A Blind Dude

@insom as a rails person, do you have any favourite go-to resources for learning and getting better at rails stuff? my current personal project is a rails engine, and while it’s going to be simple i want to do everything very right.

looking into encrypting fields so that only the author can view them (diary entries!). the path to doing this right isn’t too scary, but i wish i could find a straight-up tutorial for it. so far i only find abstract-ish docs that are too smart for me.

some of these were re-watches. the most notable re-watch was SICARIO, which was shocking and unpleasant maybe-even-moreso the second time over.

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okay, since my last checkin i have watched a bunch of shit. most interesting watches are followed by an asterisk.

- OF GODS AND MEN (2010)
- DISINTEGRATION 93-96 (2017)
- HOUSE (1977) *
- THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3 (2009)
- SICARIO (2015)

bisect type system: "[developed] in order to express the progressive fragmentation of language as it is eroded by the selective, faulty nature of memory. "

it's wonderful/impractical.

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