weird when signal tells you that your dead friend is now on signal

@talldog @tall_dog just got a uClouds SE in the mail from my regional supplier. looking forward to making things with it !!

@m455 i used intercept tools to do weird things on my laptop keyboard. it’s great because it starts working on ttys before any wm/de is loaded.

you might have to play around with it but i think what you want is possible

@m455 CoNgRAts!!!!! wishing you and yours the very best.

installed alpine on my laptop and i can’t close/open the lid without it rebooting. :blobsad:

i added an acpi “lid” script but it doesn’t seem to care. :blobsad:

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@acdw thank you for informing me that it is on bandcamp!!!

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Mulder accidentally offends a phrenologist by ranting about genies. Smoking Man forces Scully on a road trip to Rochester.

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Skinner is threatened by possessed Skinner. Scully.

til, you should not tell firefox to be the default application for files that end in `.xml.gz`

@lunasspecto ooh i have somehow never come across rosegarden before. and it seems like my jam. thanks!

i also haven’t tried any impromptu modular stuff before!

@lunasspecto i would be interested to learn the answers to these questions too

@neauoire i mostly use it because i like that the configuration is very readable and it’s just yaml that i can commit to my dotfiles.(for some other terminal emulators i’ve tried that’s not been the case.) i have never been in a situation where it “performs better,” though.

@exquisitecorp creative writing (poetry focus) & film studies, but i’m now on one of those technical career paths (dev, ex-technical writer)

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