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Mulder accidentally offends a phrenologist by ranting about genies. Smoking Man forces Scully on a road trip to Rochester.

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Skinner is threatened by possessed Skinner. Scully.

til, you should not tell firefox to be the default application for files that end in `.xml.gz`

@lunasspecto ooh i have somehow never come across rosegarden before. and it seems like my jam. thanks!

i also haven’t tried any impromptu modular stuff before!

@lunasspecto i would be interested to learn the answers to these questions too

@neauoire i mostly use it because i like that the configuration is very readable and it’s just yaml that i can commit to my dotfiles.(for some other terminal emulators i’ve tried that’s not been the case.) i have never been in a situation where it “performs better,” though.

@exquisitecorp creative writing (poetry focus) & film studies, but i’m now on one of those technical career paths (dev, ex-technical writer)

@exquisitecorp that sounds so rad. wish i had taken courses like that ~

@exquisitecorp sounds really amazing. i’d love to see what the shape of the course looks like when you’re finished.

if python is familiar for the students ruby maybe isn’t that out-of-left-field, but i can appreciate that more languages == less accessible course calendar.

i will keep thinking about other things i’ve played with. best wishes to you and your curriculum.

@exquisitecorp maybe i am misinterpreting, but how about something like shoes?

work-life balance on deep space nine seems pretty good

@lunasspecto i started my journey by getting a semi-modular “does a bunch of things” synth to use as a base. with my long-running synth fund, i decided to get a make noise 0-coast. (it was between that and a moog mother 32.) this thing has six-ish modules in one, and is self-powered! so i am happy with my choice. there is something comparable to a VCA module built-in, but i am left to manually “quantize” with the pitch wheel.

@lunasspecto i am realizing that i probably want a quantizer module sooner rather than later, though.

@lunasspecto this is pretty close to what my starter eurorack plan is also. niftycase is absolutely the best deal, whether or not you get their starter modules.

i am just in my own research phase right now, though, and can’t actually validate your plan. 😅

hello @looptober pals ~ i released a thing that contains many of my submissions. thanks for keeping me going all looptober, y'all are wonderful.

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