yo i’ve been like sitting on this album for five years and it is really hurting my ass. the album is called have a nice day and it’s by bon jovi.

TIL: you can configure a #git remote with multiple push URLs.

It basically allows you to push to multiple remotes at once.

getting some ascii things printed to label the doors on the rooms in my house so i don’t walk into the wrong ones ever again

new scheme to help me be lazy in public Show more

new scheme to help me be lazy in public Show more

Someone I work with wrote this guide to ANSI escape codes and it is good and on-brand for making little terminal things which are nice:


@m455b yeah, it isn’t amazing. and there’s so many weird caveats (like when trying to run an openssh server, ugh). your guide is great! will definitely consume it when i need to get some linux gui applications running on my windows box. (which i kinda think will be soon.)

@m455b are you on windows 10? have you tried the windows subsystem for linux stuff? maybe you can just avoid the windows system tools? 😂

docs: docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windo

@m455b @endorphant using pass as a password manager has forced me to learn things about pgp and it’s been great. 😊

made my first [code] pull request to an open-source project where i don’t know any of the authors/maintainers: github.com/jekyll/jekyll-feed/ i hooope it gets merrrged.

@m455b i have been going over the same thoughto process(ed) over the last six months and i support you ✨

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