Someone I work with wrote this guide to ANSI escape codes and it is good and on-brand for making little terminal things which are nice:

@m455b yeah, it isn’t amazing. and there’s so many weird caveats (like when trying to run an openssh server, ugh). your guide is great! will definitely consume it when i need to get some linux gui applications running on my windows box. (which i kinda think will be soon.)

@m455b are you on windows 10? have you tried the windows subsystem for linux stuff? maybe you can just avoid the windows system tools? 😂


@m455b @endorphant using pass as a password manager has forced me to learn things about pgp and it’s been great. 😊

made my first [code] pull request to an open-source project where i don’t know any of the authors/maintainers: i hooope it gets merrrged.

@m455b i have been going over the same thoughto process(ed) over the last six months and i support you ✨

in san francisco for a bit. recommendations welcome.


the kind of thing i wish we had at work, but also am glad we don't because we have tool bloat already imo. 😪

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imagine if instead of streaming video, YouTube hollowed out humans into actual tubes?

authenticating new devices on keybase feels so magical. i wish all 2fa was so fun.

i made a list of the best thirty movies i watched (for the first time) in 2018!

i am attempting to find a new place to live but the whole process is pretty shitty and it’s amazing to me that anyone has a place to live, really

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