This is maybe a silly question, but does anyone know a good source for MIDI arrangements of public domain musical works? I'm looking for files that aren't based on a live performance but just follow the piece as written, and ones that I can use as the basis of my own work without legal trouble.

Alternatively, what's your favorite software for creating MIDI files on a Linux desktop?

@lunasspecto i would be interested to learn the answers to these questions too

@benjaminwil Right now I'm leaning toward trying Rosegarden to compose MIDI files when I have the time. For less rhythmically complex pieces/pieces with fewer parts, I still favor the VCV Rack sequencer modules from Impromptu Modular


@lunasspecto ooh i have somehow never come across rosegarden before. and it seems like my jam. thanks!

i also haven’t tried any impromptu modular stuff before!

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