Someone who knows anything about #Eurorack should tell me whether my starter Eurorack plan makes any sense. It's meant to take advantage of the cre8audio NiftyBUNDLE and basically just pack in a few relatively thrifty, interesting-sounding modules. But I still can't justify buying any of it right now…

@lunasspecto i am realizing that i probably want a quantizer module sooner rather than later, though.

@benjaminwil I need to learn more about how to use quantizers. I tried a virtual one in VCV Rack but couldn't tell whether it was effectively tuning my oscillator output

I know for sure that if I ended up buying any case/modules to start with I'd absolutely want the VCA to be one of the first modules I get. I'd be really annoyed with having every tone I make just continue indefinitely until I unplug something


@lunasspecto i started my journey by getting a semi-modular “does a bunch of things” synth to use as a base. with my long-running synth fund, i decided to get a make noise 0-coast. (it was between that and a moog mother 32.) this thing has six-ish modules in one, and is self-powered! so i am happy with my choice. there is something comparable to a VCA module built-in, but i am left to manually “quantize” with the pitch wheel.

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