after accumulating parts slowly over a couple of years, i finally finished building my own keyboard.

it was my first big soldering project, and i made a few serious mistakes that i cannot undo. but it works and it's comfortable.

the most fun part, honestly, was making the usb and trrrs cables.


things i messed up on while building the keyboard 

1. i had to de-solder the usb connector because i didn't do a good job the first time. i destroyed the contacts and ended up having to perma plug in the cable to the microcontroller (instead of having a removable cable.

2. the trrrs connectors were too big for the acrylic case holes. so i had to sand off the edges of them.

things i messed up on while building the keyboard 

3. the acrylic case had the layer names laser-cut into them. i.e. L2 - LEFT HAND. this was not attractive to me so i painted the underside of the first layer, so that it would hide the layer names from the user.

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