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How many times can I misspell 'nginx' in the course of configuring one application?

On second thought, let's not visit the federated timeline, tis a silly place

"Did I listen to pop music because I was miserable? Or was I miserable because I listened to pop music?"

The logical thing to do is to flip it on its head right? To just start writing lyrics?

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Generally, I have written songs by writing the music first, then coming up with a melody, and then coming up with lyrics.

This has NOT WORKED in the past month, I cannot write any lyrics, and it's annoying the hell out of me.

I can only hope that I one day write a song so gripping it can be used to sell dish soap

Lyrics have been the real sticking point for my songwriting lately. I've come up with some pretty good music/melodies but the lyrics are not entirely writing themselves.

I had this idea (and I'm sure someone has done it before but whatever) of typing up candidate song lyrics, or just snippets of random phrases, with my typewriter, then cutting them up and pasting them back together.

tech, Why democratize things? 

I'm just thinking of this in terms of that effect where the more popular something becomes, the more the discourse goes to absolute shit. Can't remember what it's called at the moment.

Thinking about Scuttlebutt in this context too.

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tech, Why democratize things? 

I've been thinking about my software for my songs website and how it could be generalized for anyone's song website, which culminated in the reddit post I mentioned, which got a few hundred upvotes (which is nice).

But now I'm thinking, do I really want to reduce the barriers of entry to song posting? Like doesn't Soundcloud already exist for that and do that enough? If someone has something really good to post, won't they know...figure it out?

The value prop here is what it says in the post: Sick of Soundcloud? Try this instead.

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Okay I bootstrapped my code for and stripped away the Travis Briggs specific stuff, then wrote up a quick tutorial for the README.

I present to you: Rainfall!

Give it a try, if you dare.

tech, Should I turn my songs website into an open platform? 

I think with a bit of work (!) I could turn into a platform for people to replace Soundcloud and host their songs for free.

It would probably require some coding knowledge or at least command line skills to work/be useful.

Does this sound like a good thing to invest in? Is there merit in this idea?

Though maybe my actual favorite part of Blurryface is when they break out the ukulele.

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My absolute favorite part on Blurryface is the line from "Lane Boy":

"If it was our way, we'd have a tempo change every other time change"

Because it just makes me happy when they talk music-nerdy.

2018 was the first year we received requests for user data or to have content taken down, so we're going to start releasing an annual #transparency report with this kind of information.

Read about the requests we received in 2018 and how we responded in our latest @intheopen blog post:

Life's too short to listen to Weezer's shitty new album.

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