If I haven't tooted in a while it's because I've gone down a factorio black hole and it's deep. I currently have a solo game, a multiplayer with friends hosted on AWS, and a third game for the tildeverse, also hosted on AWS, that starts this weekend and will run only on weekends.

Hello tiny.tilde.website. Nothing against you, but I'm looking for an instance with a more vibrant local timeline. I'm going to head to toot.cafe, see you in the fedi!


@HYPERLINK@radical.town chocolate sauce bouncy castle?

I get the real impression that I don't really know anyone online, that I don't have any real "internet friends".

I'm only slightly embarrassed that my Spotify history contains my own single and EP.

Yes Flagpole Sitta is Harvey Danger's one hit, but they're actually a great band and you should check out their other stuff especially King James Version

As usual, nearly 11 o'clock on the west coast of the US is the absolute worst time to announce this, but...

I recorded a full song for the first time in over a month!


"This was so obviously a hip hop beat from the start. I don't rap, and I don't know anyone who raps, so I took a vocal sample from LibriVox to fill it out a bit."


@cosine But it only works for the webpage you're currently on in Chrome, so I don't know if that helps.

@cosine In the chrome developer tools you can simulate slow/no network. It's on the network tab in the inspector.

You know, I think there are millions of people that want new pop rock music, songs like this, and it just basically doesn't exist.


So I'm practicing my song for open mic tomorrow night, and my fingers really hurt. This is some combination of 1) I don't really have callouses for playing guitar anymore and 2) the action on my old guitar is very fucked.

I should toot more about baseball, because when I made posts on birdsite about the 2018 they looked hilarious in hindsight.


I'm waiting in the endontist's office while my wife has her emergency root canal. She came out halfway through to go to the bathroom and gave me a big hug and told me how much she appreciates me being here, so it's all worth it basically.

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