why do people censor their selfies on here? serious question, i never got the welcome pamphlet. [boosts ok]

my (unasked, but more salient) question was "am i hurting anyone if i do otherwise?", which has been answered in the replies. thanks!

for the record i'm resistant to the idea of marking images of me being regular ordinary me as "sensitive", because of the long history of visible transsexualism being considered ipso facto lascivious in mainstream culture.

@vy @astrid i take it some folks just, don't want to see selfies in general?

@vy @chemelia @astrid It's tricky to explain but there are cases where someone might see someone's selfie, consider the subject to be their idea of good-looking, and start having negative thoughts about not matching those same standards, cue downward spiral.

It's nothing against those who post selfies, it's just a negative trigger for some people like that.

@Jo @vy @chemelia @astrid this happens to me sometimes and it sucks, so im always grateful for the opportunity to not look at a selfie post.

@Jo @vy @chemelia @astrid Thank you for explaining that point. Something similar happens to me, but it’s not about not matching other people’s standards, it’s about not finding the self-appreciation other people have when they post pictures of themselves. I feel disappointed in myself for lacking it.

As you say, I have nothing against people who post their selfies and I don’t want them to censor themselves, but I’m glad whenever someone allows me to avoid that train of thoughts.

@astrid my 2¢: I have no idea why, but some people formerly in my orbit expressed the desire very strongly, and I didn’t ask 🤷🏻‍♀️

@astrid i mostly do it because i saw other people doing it, nobody really complains if i don't though

@astrid mine usually have eye contact, which needs an eye contact cw :blobcatgooglyshrug:

and the cw field can also just be used as a post subject anyway, i think it's actually called a "subject" internally

@vy @astrid i believe "spoiler" was the term the older ostatus protocol used for the field, while activitypub calls it a "subject"? i could be wrong tho

@monorail @vy @astrid i checked the activitypub and activitystreams specs and there doesn't seem to be any field defined for carrying the content warning/subject/spoiler/whatever (closest is summary, i guess?)

but i also inspected the stuff coming down the websocket into my vulpine club tab and there's a spoiler_text field so :blobcatgooglyshrug:

everything is silly

@astrid Two reasons, depending on when they signed up/which instances they started on:

1. People who are non-neurotypical asked for pictures where people who are looking directly at the camera to please mark them as sensitive to avoid startling those who are sensitive to eye contact, and it was a fair compromise that lots of people took to.


2. A few bad apples were irritated by people posting selfies at all (saying they were boring and vain) and started to just be mean to people who posted pictures. Some instances started suggesting that selfies be tagged so people could filter for them if they were that annoyed.

@astrid etiquette for some instances and individuals.

Personally it can be creepy to suddenly see someone staring *right* at you.

No one will (or really should) force you to CW something like that though.

I heard that's because direct eye contact, even in a photo, can make persons with autism uncomfortable.


As far as I understand, it's because eye contact can bother some non neurotipical people


"bother" is probably arguable, as a verb

I'm not sure what exactly non neurotipical people feel

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