Yaay, I can toot from again! For some reason the
`mastodon-toot--display-docs-and-status-fields' function isn't inserting the
last newline as editable ... bleh

Productivity hack: make notifications dependent on current -mode
clock-in status.

I've finally got around to reading @kensanata 's post on the first three talks in and I've got to say, it perfectly encapsulates what I love about too! Thanks Alex!


As an , I'm a content marketer who used to be @acdw@writing.exchange, but decided to (begin to) move over to tiny.tilde.website. Um, about me:

  • I like
  • I don't write as much as I'd like
  • I like TV and like, the Internet
  • I'm really proud of my profile pic
  • Oh! I'm on lots of tilde server things.
  • I admin breadpunk.club (poorly)
  • Ask me questions! I'll probably answer them!
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