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Verifying myself: I am 0x4464 on Keybase.io.



I'm going to turn off notifications and stay off the internet for a few days. Sometimes it starts to feel like a bit too much. If anyone needs me (like if a bot of mine becomes sentient or something) feel free to reach out via email or XMPP.


0x4464 at protonmail dot com

0x4464 at 404 dot city

"Your sacrifice?" the demon asked.
"Skyrim," I reply.
The demon studied me, saw the years I poured into that game. "Done. You'll never play Skyrim again."
And that's how I mastered Fortnite, and keep winning.
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

TIL "Nevada," a word I associate with Las Vegas, desert, choking sand and inescapable sun, means "snowy" or "snow covered."

The state is named after the mountain range, Sierra Nevada = "Snowy saw range" en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sierra_N

anyway patreon is what you get when you feed eevee money

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howdy. i'm the sheriff of bad unicode support

Verifying myself: I am now doubting that I would manage that I submitted the form properly haha ?

I created a bot that toots an ascii pokemon battle using emoji for the idea and for raising the concern!

someone pay me 50 bucks to develop a bot that automatically writes ransomware with randomized debug info then uploads it to virustotal for "malware hunters" to drool over

because these people literally just search virustotal for ransomware even if it isn't released and scream "IN THE WILD!"

@srol Kids start out curious about ACID, injectin some SQL, before they know it they're on a cloud called Mongo mutterin about blockchain

From a Chicago ABC TV station's story about election hacking. Some of you may argue this is inaccurate, but I personally have always considered SQL to be a common piece of cyber-trickery.